• Henan Huateng Auto Parts Co.,LTD specializes in the production of automotive shock absorbers more than 14years, cars cover Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, Buick, Volkswagen and other 35 cars, more than 4000 models, including gas shock absorbers, hydraulic shock absorbers, etc.

  • The company matching supply with the BEIBEN、HAFEI、TIEMA etc other famous auto manufacturers ,at present production BENZ、DAF、IVECO、NISSAN、VOLVO、MAN、FUTIAN、HAFEI、SHANXI AUTOMOBILE GROUP etc, more than 20 series,more than 800 models.

    The company matching supply with the Dandong Huanghai bus company,at present production ENASA、MAN、BENZ、NISSAN、RENAULT、VOLVO、YUTONG、JINLONG etc 14 series,more than 360 models.

  • The Bumper& Dust boot include the HONDA,TOYOTA、FORD、NISSAN、VOLKSWAGEN、BMW、BENZ etc more than 40 series cars,320 models.


Henan Huateng Auto Parts Co., LTD, locates in Changyuan Crane Industrial Zone, is an integrated enterprise of scientific research, production and sale of automotive shock absorber. Founded in 2004, Henan Huateng Auto Parts Co., LTD has a registered capital of 56.78 million yuan, total assets of 136 million yuan, covers an area of 48600 square meters, building area of 31500 square meters.


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