Fault maintenance of Auto shock absorber

- Sep 29, 2017 -

The shock absorber should carry on the work performance test on the special test bench after the inspection and repair, when the resistance frequency is 100±1mm, the resistance of the stroke and the compression stroke should conform to the regulation. If the maximum resistance of CAl091 is 2156~2646n, the maximum resistance of the compression stroke is 392~588n, and the maximum resistance of the Dongfeng vehicle is 2450~3038n, and the maximum resistance of the compression stroke is 490~686n. If there are no test conditions, we can also adopt an empirical approach, that is, with an iron bar into the lower ring of the shock absorber, with two feet on both ends, with both hands holding the ring reciprocating pull $number times, when pulling up the resistance is very big, downward pressure does not feel laborious, and the tensile resistance compared to repair before the recovery, no sense of emptiness, It shows that the shock absorber is basically normal

  • HONDA CR-V(RD5)front Shock Absorber
  • HONDA ODYSSEY(RB3)front Shock Absorber
  • HONDA CR-V(RE4)front Shock Absorber
  • TOYOTA 08 CARENS Front Shock Absorber
  • NISSAN X-TRAIL-T30 Front Shock Absorber
  • BENZ W204 Front Shock Absorber

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