Introduction to automobile shock absorber

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Shock absorber is the vulnerable parts in the process of car use, shock absorbers work is good or bad, will directly affect the service life of the car moving stationarity and other parts, so often should make shock absorber is in good working condition.

Failure inspection:

1. Make the car stop after 10km on the road with poor road conditions, and use hand to feel the shock absorber shell. If it is not hot enough, there is no resistance inside the shock absorber, and the shock absorber does not work.In this case, the appropriate lubricating oil can be added to the test. If the shell is hot, the oil in the shock absorber should be provided with sufficient oil.Otherwise, the shock absorber fails.

2. Press the bumper and release, if the car has 2~3 jumps, the shock absorber works well.

3. When the car is moving slowly and emergency braking, if the vibration of the car is more severe, the shock absorber has a problem.

4. remove the shock absorber to the upright, and connect the bottom ring clamp on the vise, pull reduce vibration lever several times, this time should be stable resistance, pull up resistance should be greater than the resistance when pressing down on them, such as unstable resistance or without resistance, may be internal lack of oil damper or valve parts damaged, should be repaired or replacement parts.

Failure maintenance:

After determining whether the shock absorber has a problem or failure, check to see if the shock absorber is leaking oil or has traces of old oil.Oil seal gasket, seal ring rupture damage, storage cylinder cover nut loose.May be oil seal, seal washer damaged, should replace the new seal.If still can't eliminate the oil spill, should pull out of the shock absorber, if feel the hairpin or weight, will have a further check whether the clearance between the piston and cylinder is too large, the shock absorber piston connecting rod for bending, the piston connecting rod surface and the cylinder have scratches or marks.If the shock absorber does not have oil leakage, it should check whether there is any damage, soldering, rupture or loss of the shock absorber connection pin, connecting rod, connecting hole and rubber bushing.If the above check is normal, should be further decomposed shock absorber, check whether the fitting clearance between the piston and cylinder is too large, a cylinder with and without strain, valve seal are in good condition, whether the disc and seat nicely, and whether the presence of shock absorber spring is too soft, or broken, grinding according to the circumstance or change a way to repair.In addition, the shock absorber in be used actually appear noise fault, this is mainly due to the shock absorber with steel plate spring, frame, or shaft collide, rubber gasket damage or loss and shock absorber dust drum deformation, caused the oil shortage, should find out the reason, to be repaired.The shock absorber shall perform the performance test on the specialized test platform after the inspection and repair. When the resistance frequency is at 100 or minus 1mm, the resistance of its stretching stroke and compression stroke should meet the requirements.If the maximum resistance of the free CAl091 stretch is 2156~ 2646N, the maximum resistance of the compression stroke is 392~ 588N.The maximum resistance of east windmill stretch is 2450~ 3038N. The maximum resistance of compression stroke is 490~ 686N.If there is no test condition, we can also adopt a kind of experience, with an iron rod through the shock absorber in the bottom rings, with his feet on the side, holding the rings on the reciprocating 2 ~ 4 times, when pull up resistance is very big, pressing down on them without taxing, and stretching resistance compared with before repairing recovered, no idle, indicates basic normal shock absorber.

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