Is your car comfortable? -- car shock absorbers.

- Jan 11, 2018 -

The car is always for human service, he can be said to be our second home.

Modern definition of the home has very much and needs, so a lot of people want to ask is this car is not suitable for household, unstable highway, stability, good meet bumpy road, curve auto roll and complete not bad?

This is due to the car's chassis tuning.

The chassis system includes suspension, steering system, braking system, body stabilization system, etc.

But to be honest, we buy 200000 ordinary family car chassis technology are all the same, as the same, a 200000 car, he all chassis parts procurement costs are mostly less than 1.5 W.

Cans be imagined, if as a supplier of every parts and components in the chassis, he controlled by how much cost is low, so far the car before and after the bridge supplier can put the margins to 12%, is the most expensive in the chassis parts, chassis parts suppliers so do as much as possible the design of the structure is simple and easy to manufacture and development.

But there is one thing that doesn't look very simple in his form, but the technique of internal storage plays a decisive role in the comfort of the chassis.

That's the car shock absorber in this issue, which is a very unprofitable business in the industry (with a profit margin of 5% or less) that is very important.

The thing that makes you feel the most directly about the car is the suspension.

And affect the comfortable uncomfortable is the core of shock absorber, suspension system not many keyboard lr suspension structure, spray all the mass with a scooter suspension (not independent suspension), but as long as adjust shock absorber damping force value to a specific value, suspension of scooter comfort can definitely higher than independent multi-link structure.

Of course, extreme driving certainly doesn't count, and the gods don't have to prove that multiple links are better than a board.

Then I have two pictures, the bold type with spring plate and the spring is the front shock absorber, the industry is called strut, the fine is the rear shock absorber, the industry is called shock.

Your car is comfortable with the shock absorber soft or hard.

Soft or hard is the shock absorber in the regulation of the number of valve plates, shock absorber damping force is divided into six speed strength, shock absorber in the process of manufacturing 100% monitoring under the fifth and the second speed of damping force value, production line will have a damping force value detector.

The speed is 0.13m/s and 0.52m/s respectively.

This is a standard that germans have learned from the ups and downs they encountered while studying the daily grind of a car.

In the second and fifth speed of the shock absorber, it is divided into two-speed recovery and two-speed compression, five-speed recovery and five-speed compression, which represents the two stroke of the piston motion of the shock absorber (extraction and interpolation).

The number and thickness of the valve plates at the piston end of the shock absorber directly determine the speed of recovery. The number and thickness of the valve plates at the bottom of the valve directly determine the recovery of the two-five speed.

General ashkenazi car shock absorber valve piece quantity is more, so the damping force is very large, filter to make people feel very comfortable also, Japanese car shock absorber partial light, but the life of the shock absorber and lightweight structure design is his advantage, for the filter, shock absorber performance is usually clean, representative models bean wisdom and the g Sarah, this design also makes most people feel the car is.

Car from a pit on the high-speed tire movement down first, made a stretching your shock absorber is relative, and then leave the pits, your tires up campaign, you made a compression movement of the shock absorber.

You're going to say, "fuck you," that's a bad way to kill your dad.

However, without the shock absorber to filter this hole you would have overturned or broken down, and knelt down to recognize the shock absorber as your father!

Ahem, a tensile compression is a trip, this trip is a very complex mystery, the mystery of your heartfelt praise, this car is really comfortable, in 6 speed under tensile and compression strength and calibration, is the secret of each supplier respective technology.

Represented by the ashkenazi fu's Mr Sachs shock absorber, advantage lies in the valve plate and the design of the structure, make the shock absorber performance is very high, particularly well in vibration filter, can create a feeling of driving, a senior, but because of the complicated structure, lots of shock absorber in the durability and durability are not as rivals, representative models: Volkswagen series (sachs contracts for civil public 80% of the vehicles shock absorber), the BMW X1 and 5-series, Benz V212 and W204, buick lang.

  • HONDA ACCORD 2.3(CG5)front Shock Absorber
  • HONDA CR-V(RD5)front Shock Absorber
  • TOYOTA COROLLA Front Shock Absorber
  • TOYOTA GX100 Front Shock Absorber
  • TOYOTA CAMRY 2.4 Front Shock Absorber
  • MAZDA 6 Front Shock Absorber

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