Shock Absorber Strut mount how long change

- Sep 29, 2017 -

Not easy to find, generally 40,000 kilometers or so will be broken, the damage to the car is mainly: noise increased (before the wheel), the inside of the tire before grinding (need to lift to detect easily), cause to eat tires. The top plastic is damaged there are two simple differences: listen to the sound, some bad, before the time to reduce the driving may have a sound (note that Kazakhstan is possible, not necessarily a sound), this easy to find. The top gum damage will definitely have the problem of eating tires, once found, to be immediately to the repair machine to lift the check. Check method: Lift the car, not too high, away from the ground, hand grasp the wheel to lift up, if you can lift the wheels up and down the trip. proved to be damaged, the larger the trip, the more serious the proof.

  • HYUNDAI TUCSON Front Shock Absorber
  • TOYOTA 4700 Front Shock Absorber
  • MAZDA 8 Front Shock Absorber
  • BENZ W204 Front Shock Absorber
  • AUDI Q5 Front Shock Absorber
  • FORD MONDEO Front Shock Absorber

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