The matching technique of shock absorber

- Sep 29, 2017 -

First, check whether the product provides a 2-3-inch elevation requirement, and some products only offer a 2-inch elevation, barely using a 3-inch rise and can easily pull to the limit in the off-road to cause damage.

Second, the Shock Absorber center telescopic rod diameter can reach more than 16 mm, this is a basic strength of the index.

Third, the shock absorber upper and lower connection sleeve is a high-strength polyurethane sleeve, which is also able to ensure the long-term use of high strength of an important basis, because ordinary rubber is difficult to use in high-intensity for a long time.

  • HYUNDAI SANTAFE Front Shock Absorber
  • HONDA ACCORD 2.3(CG5)front Shock Absorber
  • MAZDA FAMILY Front Shock Absorber
  • NISSAN BLUEBIRD-U13 Front Shock Absorber
  • PEUGEOT 206 Front Shock Absorber
  • BUICK EPICA Front Shock Absorber

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