The present situation and development trend of automobile shock absorber.

- Jan 11, 2018 -

【 pick to 】 auto shock absorber is one of the important parts of the whole vehicle mechanism, its main role when the vehicle in motion impact vibration attenuation, improved the security of the car and improved the comfort of the car.

This paper introduces the research and development trend of automobile shock absorber.

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Automobile shock absorber are key components in the car when, can quickly ease attenuation to the vibration of the car, road and vehicle speed raise their own comfort, economy, security and stability.

Shock absorber is an important part of suspension system. Its working principle is to use damping motion to attenuate the energy generated in motion.

The performance of the shock absorber is directly related to the value of the automobile. With the rapid development of technology and economy, people's demand for automobiles is getting higher and higher.

Abroad a lot of shock absorber manufacturers design specialized research institutions, through the new products, new materials, new technology research improvements, and create a large number of new shock absorber products and put into market, prompted shock absorber manufacturers dominate the global machinery manufacturing industry.

The development history of automobile shock absorber.

Shock absorber from today appeared to have 100 years of history, as early as the vehicle's suspension system consists of a spring, although the spring can help to reduce the road shock, with reliable performance, but it's easy to produce resonance phenomenon.

In 1908, the world's first hydraulic shock absorber was successfully developed. It USES a baffle to divide rubber into two parts, which can be used to reduce the vibration by friction between oil and throttling channels.

Then, in the 1930s, the rocker arm shock absorber was widely applied, and the working pressure was between 10MPa and 20MPa, but the structure was complex, fragile, bulky and eventually eliminated.

After the second world war, Jane type hydraulic shock absorber to replace the swing arm damper, its low cost, long life, but prone to oil charge problem not in time, if the oil filled, not in time will affect the damping effect, noise and shock.

Until the 1950s, the occurrence of inflatable shock absorbers solved the above problems, and the gas filled with low pressure 0.4mpa ~ 0.6mpa in the dual cylinder could solve the problem of oil filling.

Single type air shock absorber also began to develop at the same time, the adoption of floating piston structure, make filling the nitrogen form 2.0 MPa to 2.5 MPa high-pressure gas, the performance is better than the double drum type damper, and the quality of light, the performance is good, but the cost is higher.

Ii. Development status of automobile shock absorber.

In foreign developed countries, has now developed adaptive electronic systems to control the hydraulic shock absorber, according to the size of the vibration frequency and amplitude adjustment, this kind of shock absorber can be according to the requirements of the different driving and road conditions to multistage regulation and matching.

Select the most suitable curve in the characteristic curve.

In industrialized countries, the production of hydraulic shock absorbers is based on a wide range of standardization and serialization, and the design and manufacturing technology of the shock absorber CAD has been relatively mature.

The damping force mechanism, the automatic control of high frequency excitation damping force and the temperature characteristics of shock absorber are further improved.

At present, however, ordinary hydraulic shock absorbers are still dominant, as shown in FIG. 1.

China's automobile industry started late, with low starting point and backward technology. In the domestic automobile, a large number of mid - and high-end cars adopt imported shock absorbers.

Developed its own brand of automobile shock absorber has become a problem to be solved, suspension shock absorber has become a priority in China's automobile industry development planning of development planning in one of the priorities.

Although China has a large scale of shock absorber production, borrowed from foreign advanced design, has achieved rapid development, but still has a large gap with developed countries.

Iii. Development trend of automobile shock absorber.

With the development of science and technology, the car is the higher on the requirement of the shock absorber, at present, resistance adjustable shock absorbers are becoming mainstream shock absorber, with continuous research and development, the problems will be more and more high, will development in the direction of the adaptive adjustable shock absorbers, whatever driver driving technology, suspension system will automatically adjust to adapt to the state, make the driver feel smooth and comfortable.

Driving is the main application of sensors, and then through the computer calculation of damping force, to automatically adjust the damping force adjusting mechanism, by changing the orifice size to change the shock absorber damping force.

Shock could also have a complex shock absorber and automobile shock absorber, different directions, with only one purpose, that is to improve the car ride comfort and handling stability, and between the maneuverability and comfort to obtain the optimal working point.

In short, the car shock absorber in the future should have the following features: high precision, high seal, better use performance, so as to make the car driver and passengers more comfortable and safe.

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