The role of Shock absorber Bumper &dust Boot

- Sep 29, 2017 -

Automobile bumper is through the use of hydraulic spring shock absorber function, when the car in a moment collision, the buffer has played a buffering effect to reduce the damage of the two vehicles after the collision, improve the safety of vehicles and people. Generally speaking, for the new car, the shock absorber is to make the driving more comfortable role, and when the damping spring after a long time, often due to lack of elasticity and weak phenomenon, reaction is not sensitive, it is easy to cause accidents.

  • HYUNDAI TERRACAN Front Shock Absorber
  • MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER Front Shock Absorber
  • AUDI Q5 Front Shock Absorber
  • FIAT Front Shock Absorber
  • BUICK AVEO Front Shock Absorber
  • FORD MONDEO Front Shock Absorber

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