The role of shock absorbers

- Dec 05, 2017 -

A lot of people don't understand the shock absorbers and even think about what the shock absorber is doing if you have a spring.

In fact, this view is wrong, to know that shock absorber not only needs to absorb the force of vibration, but also needs to stabilize the vehicle body, while the spring can absorb the vibration force only and cannot stabilize the body.

First, look at the function of the spring: when the car is hit by the road, it absorbs the vibration force with its own compression deformation, which can cushion the bumps and vibrations caused by the uneven road surface.Then, when the impact force disappears, the spring will release the absorbed energy while restoring the original shape, and the tension will become longer, so that the car will be shot up. This phenomenon will be a rebound.The rebound will make the passenger in the car uncomfortable and cause difficulty in handling the car, which can be dangerous.

To see how the shock absorber works: since the discovery that the spring cannot stabilize the vehicle, car designers have installed shock absorbers in suspension to stop the rebound.If a shock absorber is missing from the suspension, the situation is like a cart used by a hawker, and start is constantly shaking.

Finally, the effect of spring is to cushion the impact of the ground, while the shock absorber can be used to limit the excessive spring force of the spring.

For example, a hydraulic shock absorber is the most common type of shock absorber.The principle is to fill the pressure oil in a cylinder with a hole and a piston. When the spring vibrates, the oil is forced to flow through the hole, thus limiting the action.The size of the hole diameter determines the size of the limit.If the small hole diameter is smaller, there is a strong limit, the car stability will be higher;On the other hand, the car ride feels more comfortable.The size of the hole diameter should be stable and comfortable when designed.

So, don't think the spring without shock absorbers, they are necessities of vehicles, with them, our car can be so smooth, is such a comfortable driving experience.

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