Why air conditioning of car should be cleaned?

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Why air conditioning of car should be cleaned?

Automotive air conditioning system over a period of time after use, in the place such as air inlet, air duct, fan, evaporator surface will accumulate dust and dirt, lead to air conditioning duct (including evaporation box) with mildew.The most intuitive feeling is the cooling capacity of air conditioning, can smell obvious odor.The car owner stays in the car that is full of mold and smell, the body is sure to be damaged, serious can cause disease.

What part of air conditioning we should clean?

1. Air conditioning inlet pipe/air conditioning filter core

2. Outlet

3. Fan blade

4. Evaporation box

If after finished cleaning air conditioning system still have peculiar smell, it means that evaporation box internal or air conditioning pipe internal contamination, this solution can only be disassembled to clean air conditioning pipeline and evaporation tank, the disassembly operation professional demand is higher, if must be dismantled, suggest to 4 s shops or other professional businesses.

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