A Few Suggestions For Car Maintenance

- Dec 14, 2017 -

1.Avoid lack of oil and water

Generally after the long drive antifreeze and lack of engine oil is a common phenomenon, if you forget to add oil before label this time do not add new oil blindly, because of the different grade of oil mixture of possible adverse consequences.The right thing to do is clear the original oil label and then select the same label to add, of course if your maintenance period is coming, that is simply put the original engine oil clean and then add new oil.

2. Avoid loose parts falling off

An important thing to check in the engine compartment is the "air cleaner".

If you are driving on the way more dust than the city, the air cleaner in this period of time it may absorb the dust too much, and if the dust into the engine will cause the parts in the engine wear and tear;If the air filter is blocked, the engine will not flow properly and the power will decrease.So take out the air filter, and it's necessary to check it.

3. Repair the wound

The car's exterior includes the body surface and all the parts you can see.

It sounds more complex but in fact is very simple, such as your body after a long-distance high-speed paint if there is damage (due to the high speed road pop-up unavoidably happen to small stones, cause damage to paint).The interior of the vehicle can not be ignored, such as the inlet, trunk lamp, etc.Visiting relatives and friends during the holidays, load will put on a variety of gifts, at the same time there will be various types of curing agent, it will take mop clean my emotions to pile in the boot, this will not only cause odoour, and detergent chemicals will cause pollution to environment, therefore, the holiday to load it is necessary to clean up.

4. Tire condition should be noticed

Whether the tyre wear is excessive to the naked eye to judge, after a long drive, some wheels will appear obvious scar, excessive wear or "trauma", according to the specific situation at this moment you can choose different change near the spare tire and as soon as possible to the 4 s shop further examination.In addition, after a long period of turbulence, the positioning of the tire may fail.At this time, the most notable feature is that the vehicle will have a vehicle running sideways and jumping. If this happens, you will also need to check in the 4S shop.

5. The braking system should be checked

Holiday traffic complex, also is not his usual familiar road, hard to avoid frequent use of the brake, to security in the future, we suggest check your car brake pads, such as brake pads wear over the factory floor scale or the sound when the brakes, must be timely replacement.The car owner also can feel a brake system whether have abnormality, the reaction is sensitive.

6. Check the chassis and Windows for damage

The owner can recall the experience of having a scraped chassis during the ride.At the same time, if there is a noticeable change before and after the car holidays, if the chassis is different, the steering wheel jitter, the parking position of the vehicle appears to be oil stain, the chassis has been damaged.Some slight scratches can also cause slight leakage in the oil pan or oil bottom shell, which is a problem that the owner can't detect in time.It is suggested that the manufacturer should do a professional chassis anti-rust treatment or spray paint to make a chassis "armor" to the end.

When it comes to glass maintenance, you will be surprised to find that the glass can be maintained in addition to water cleaning.Actually vitreous maintenance is very learned, not all the problem is rinsed with clean water can be solved.For example, if the eye is not visible to the naked eye after being touched with oil, you must use a degreasing cleaner to remove the oil.And those caused by sand of windscreen wiper of inclusions, permanent scratches, and the stone hit the glass caused by trauma, for modern automobile maintenance technology also be called a "terminally ill", advanced material and technology can be polishing and repair of these wounds.

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