How Can Turbocharger Extend Life?

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Because of the global energy conservation and emission reduction, cars gradually start to reduce emissions.The small displacement will inevitably result in the weakening of power, and the turbocharged will be the savior in order to ensure sufficient power reserve.A massive turbocharged model starts to enter the market, with a 2.0l engine, a small turbine, and an excellent calibration, which can reach the level of 3.0l or even 3.5l.

How about turbocharging?The answer is yes!Both the maximum power output and the fuel economy are also given.It is also problematic to not turbocharge, and the physical characteristics such as interference and delay in response have caused the turbocharge to be criticized.But today we're not talking about turbocharged people who are naturally "disabled."It's about how to make it more stable, and to prolong life, until it's got these little tantrums.

To make a turbocharger "live" more durable, you first need to control its working temperature.With turbochargers, turbochargers can rotate tens of thousands of RPM, and the temperature of the turbocharger will continue to rise during long periods of driving or heavy driving.Once the turbine supercharger's temperature breaks through its rated temperature, the components can be easily damaged.The best solution is to control the source at source and avoid long periods of intense driving to reduce the workload of turbochargers.At the same time, it is important to note that once you have a long drive, be sure to let the car stand still for one to two minutes.Because do not have independent cooling ability of the turbocharger, if direct power stall, the vehicle's heat dissipation work will immediately will stop, now just off work and didn't get effective cooling of the turbocharger.

In addition to controlling the turbocharged temperature, you have to feed it "fine grain", which refers to motor oil.Generally many car friend is in the oil maintenance this money has a certain fluke psychology, think not need to use that good machine oil.For ordinary naturally aspirated engine, engine oil micro almost may impact will not be too much, especially with some Japanese engines, high stability, strong inclusive, occasionally the bartender laughed. Doesn't make much damage, but with a turbocharged engine in an instant by a strong female man by second effeminacy small public election.

Finally, there are two things to note.One is the higher fuel injection mark, and the second is the regular cleaning of the engine intake filter.I don't want to say a little bit about the first point, but the starting point actually is the same as the oil.It is not taboo to say that domestic fuel quality has a certain gap with foreign countries.For the second, focus on the cleanliness of the intake space.It's an unassuming engine air filter, but it's an important barrier to blocking the air from dust or debris entering the engine.Once the high speed rotating turbocharger inhales dust or debris, a vulnerable person can cause high speed rotating supercharger blades to wear and deform, which may cause the blades to break in serious time.

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