Oil Leakage Failure Of Shock Absorber

- Sep 29, 2017 -

Car shock absorber If the phenomenon of oil spills, for the shock absorber, is undoubtedly a very dangerous thing. Then, once the oil spills, we must make prompt remedial measures. Key inspection items in the oil seal washer, seal gasket rupture damage, oil storage cylinder head, check whether these parts appear nut loosening.

If the oil leakage, first tighten the oil cylinder head nut, if the shock absorber is still leaking oil, it may be oil seals, sealing gasket damage failure, should replace the new seals. If you still can not eliminate the oil leakage, should be pulled out of the damping rod, if you feel there is a hairpin or weight, and then further check whether the gap between the piston and cylinder is too large, the shock absorber piston connecting rod has no bending, piston connecting rod surface and cylinder has scratches or scratches.

  • HONDA CR-V(RE4)front Shock Absorber
  • MAZDA 8 Front Shock Absorber
  • NISSAN SUNNY-N16 Front Shock Absorber
  • BMW F18 Front Shock Absorber
  • PEUGEOT 508/C5 Front Shock Absorber
  • FORD FIESTA Front Shock Absorber

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