The Car Shock Absorber Has Been Broken.

- Sep 29, 2017 -

1. To make the car in road conditions on the road 10 kilometers after the parking, with the hands of the shock absorber shell, if not hot, the shock absorber internal resistance, shock absorbers do not work. At this point, can add the appropriate lubricating oil, and then test, if the shell is hot, the shock absorber internal shortage of oil, should be added to the foot oil; otherwise, the shock absorber is invalid.

2. Press the bumper firmly, then loosen, if the car has 2-3 jumps, then the shock absorber works well.

3. When the car slowly driving and emergency braking, if the car vibration is more severe, indicating that the shock absorber has problems.

4. Remove the shock absorber will be upright, and the lower end of the connection ring clip on the vise, force pull the damping rod several times, at this time should be stable resistance, to pull up? The resistance should be greater than the downward pressure resistance, such as resistance instability or no resistance, may be the shock absorber internal oil or valve parts damaged, should be repaired or replaced parts.

  • HYUNDAI ELANTRA Front Shock Absorber
  • HYUNDAI ELANTRA-XD20 Front Shock Absorber
  • HONDA ACCORD 2.3(CG5)front Shock Absorber
  • MAZDA 6 Front Shock Absorber
  • MITSUBISHI LANCER Front Shock Absorber
  • CITROEN FUKANG Front Shock Absorber

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